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SOmething happened to Ali Greenleaf

Coming from Razorbill, Fall 2020

SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ALI GREENLEAF is told from the point of view of two high school girls, Blythe Jensen and Ali Greenleaf.


Ali Greenleaf is obsessed with Sean Nessel. She makes collage books with clippings from the school paper. The beatific Sean Nessel. A star soccer player with his long blonde hair and easy smile. Of course she says yes when Sean Nessel invites her to a party. He feeds her small travel bottles of vodka, one after the other, and she goes upstairs with him.

Ali emerges from upstairs hysterical. She had gotten drunk with Sean and he raped her. Meanwhile Blythe Jensen, the most popular and feared girl in school is best friends with Sean Nessel.  Sean begs Blythe to become friends with Ali so Blythe can cover up the story.


At first Blythe agrees to befriend Ali… but it triggers Blythe about her own past with sexual assault. When she was a freshman, she agreed to be part of an elite sexual “initiation” with senior boys. The worst part: the initiation is run by senior girls.  Now that Blythe is a senior, she’s under pressure to keep the system in place, but things have changed since meeting Ali. 

Because something unexpected happens: Blythe and Ali become real friends. True friends.


As Ali comes to terms with what happened to her, she decides to not only confront her rapist, but out him in a student-run website, despite threats from Blythe to stay quiet. When the article goes viral, Ali shows Blythe what courage looks like. In doing so, she shows Blythe and the whole school community a different path.


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Trigger Warnings

Graphic rape scene

Sexual assault

Non consensual treatment 

Mental illness

Bullying and harassment

Drug use (heavy)

Drinking (heavy