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Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf New York Times book review
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" The dialogue-rich, dual first-person narrative shows both girls’ evolving perspectives. Whether or not Sean is punished for his crime becomes less important than the powerful voices these unlikely allies end up granting each other. "


" A powerful and important addition to YA books on the topic of sexual assault. Recommended for high school and public libraries everywhere."


Alternating first-person narration from junior Ali and popular senior Blythe presents an anguishing picture of a high school hierarchy in which revered athletes behave with impunity... A harrowing read that tells a complicated story with nuance."


" ...a dark and twisted story with a powerful conclusion. Now more than ever, we need stories that shine bright spotlights on the worst things going on in our world while leaving us with hope that things can and will be better."


 "Something Happened to Ali Greenleaf will impress its readers with its authenticity and rawness. It’s an intense and emotional story with multifaceted protagonists that won’t be easy to forget.:


 "...Krischer has penned one of the best and most important YA novels in recent memory."


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