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From Journalist to Author

I love visiting schools, bookstores, and libraries. I love connecting with kids one-on-one and inspiring them to look at the world differently.

I'm happy to work with you on creating presentations that fit the school, library or conference. I can speak about my journey to becoming a writer. I can speak about how, during a summer school typing class as a junior in high school , I wrote my first novel.  I can speak about how I transitioned from writing for the New York Times to writing novels. I can talk about my career as a journalist.


I will happily make my time with your students as personal as you allow. I love answering questions and even giving a writing exercise on "Creating Unlikeable Characters," which is a hit with many students. 


During my visit, I will gladly personalize and sign all of my books (purchased books, school library copies, or personal copies brought from home). Though it is not required, I strongly encourage schools to coordinate book sales prior to my visit. NOTE: Whenever possible, please arrange for these book sales through a local vendor or independent bookstore.

If you are interested in scheduling a school visit, fill out the form below by to find out about my availability and rates.


Thanks for contacting me.

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